Dr. Sudhir kag

Exp : 10 Year

Sub. : Zoology/Chemistry

(M.D. Of Ribosome)

Dr. Komal Kag

Academic Director

Shadab Khan

Exp. : 14 Year

Sub : Chemistry

(Ex. Faculty of Allen & Ranker's point)

Amit Upadhyay

Exp : 10 Year

Sub : Zoology

(Ex. Faculty of Extramarks)

Dr. Lakhan Singh

Exp. 8 Year

Subject - Botany

(Ex. of Ranker's point)

Nagendra Singh Chouhan

Exp. 12 Year

Subject - Physics

(Ex. Faculty of Ranker's point)

Manish K. Lodha (Ex. Faculty of Catalyser )

Exp. 6 Years

Subejct Physics

(Ex. Faculty of Catalyser )