Dr. Sudhir kag

Exp : 14 Years

Faculty : Senior Zoology Faculty/Organic Chemistry

(M.D. Of Ribosome)

Dr. Komal Kag

Academic Director

Dr. Satyendra Bais

Exp. : 16 Years

Faculty: Botany

(Ex. Faculty of Axes Institute Dawasni Classes)

(Shri Chaitananay, Aakash Institute, Allen Career Institute & Radical Classes Unacademy)

Sourabh Dashore

Exp : 10 Years

Faculty : Chemistry

(Ex. Faculty of Aayam Career Institute)

Swanand Maha

Exp. 10 Years

Faculty - Physics

(Ex. Faculty Of Aakash Institute, Allen Career Institute )

(Concept Tutorial & Career Point)

Rahul Malviya Sir

Exp. 5 Years

Faculty - Physics

(IIT Delhi), (Ex. Faculty of FIIT JEE Aakash, Brain Masters)